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Consortium partners  

IFSTTAR (France - coordinator – will evaluate durability at full scale)

EIFFAGE Infra (France – will produce an alternative binder & carry mix design test )

Iowa State University (USA - will produce a bio-asphalt)

Kraton Chemical (Netherlands – will produce a bio-based performance additive)

Western Research Institute (USA – will carry non-destructive in-situ evaluation)

University of Nottingham (UK  - will conduct life cycle and risk assessment)

BIOREPAVATION News March 2018 : excellent results !!!!

Proof of concept done !

The innovative pavement mixes assessed in the BioRePavation international project behave better than conventional mix.

At the moment, after 1.2 million heavy loadings no damage can be observed on the 9 cm thick test tracks. 

There are now durable solutions, assessed by a full scale accelerated test, to build road using high rate recycling and involving biomaterials as additive or alternative to bitumen"


BioRePavation consortium meeting : BioRePavation partners had their last project meeting in Jacksonville (March 22nd, 2018)

Next events :

TRA 2018 Vienna 16-19 April 2018

INFRAVATION Final conference Rotterdam - 4 October 2018

Project timetable

Main deliverables

Recommendation for the mix design in presence of RAP and alternative binders

Structural design guide for clean pavement

Environmental assessment in comparison to the use of conventional materials